6 Reasons to Buy a Real Christmas Tree

Depending on your preference, you can choose to purchase either a real or artificial Christmas tree. While artificial trees do have longevity on their side for future holiday celebrations, nothing beats the scent, beauty, and sustainability of a real Christmas tree plucked straight from the farm. 

If you’re on the fence about buying a real Christmas tree this holiday season, here are 6 reasons that might persuade you. 

1. No Need for Storage (And A Lot Cheaper!)

Artificial Christmas trees often come in large boxes that take up a lot of room in your closet and other parts of your house. This is especially true if you have an apartment or tighter living space. With a real Christmas tree, space is not a problem, as they will be discarded or repurposed once the holiday season passes. 

Furthermore, artificial trees only have a shelf life of about six years. Despite this, they are usually very expensive, with price tags upward of €400 or more. Real Christmas trees, on the other hand, usually cost around €45.00. 

2. They Can be Repurposed and Are Biodegradable

As the world moves toward greater sustainability, many families are starting to repurpose their Christmas trees once the holidays are over. Christmas trees are biodegradable and provide safe habitats for birds, squirrels, and other creatures who may find it difficult to secure protection from the cold. Christmas trees can also be used to create bird sanctuaries by adding peanut butter-coated pine cones to branches or by hanging bird feed. They can also be used to create wooden crafts, such as coasters, and be used as kindling for a fire. These are all things that can’t be done with an artificial tree. 

3. They Are Good for the Environment (And Better For Your Health)

Oftentimes, artificial trees are shipped all across the world, leaving a very large carbon footprint, as these items are shipped by truck, plane, or boat. Artificial trees also usually contain Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, which contains lead. Unfortunately, all the plastic and metal that’s used in artificial trees are not able to be recycled, so it just sits in landfills. 

Real Christmas trees, on the other hand, turn carbon dioxide into oxygen through a process known as photosynthesis. When they decompose, they release this carbon dioxide back into the environment to produce more oxygen. 

The environment is just one factor, though. Unbeknownst to many people, artificial Christmas trees can expose families to dangerous carcinogens that can cause cancer. They have also been linked to birth defects and other fertility complications. So, when you opt for a real Christmas tree, you’re not only doing the environment a favor, you’re doing yourself one, too. 

4. They Support Irish Families

When you purchase an authentic Christmas tree, you’re supporting your local tree farmers and their families. However, you’re also supporting the economy. The sale of 650,000 Christmas trees contributes €25 million to the Irish economy each year.

5. They Create a New Family Tradition

The holidays are most commonly known for one thing — family. The Christmas season is chock full of family fun. From shopping, listening to carols, and sitting down to watch a heartfelt movie, the Christmas season is chock full of opportunities for families to spend time together. But, let’s be honest — that’s not always possible. Between work, errands, the kids spending time with their friends during school break, and making a list (and checking it twice), the holidays are sometimes hectic, and so family time doesn’t always happen according to plan. 

One way to combat this is by making a new yearly tradition to purchase a real Christmas tree. Not only is it fun to get everyone’s opinion on which type of tree they like best, but it gets everyone excited to decorate it as soon as they get home. 

6. They Can Make You Happier

It sounds weird, but a 2007 study in Japan has made a correlation between real Christmas trees and lower stress levels. Like we mentioned above, the holidays can be hectic, stressful, and overwhelming. However, as this study discovered, the smell of pine needles can lower your stress level and even ward off depression. 

The study also linked the correlation between pine needles and your immune system. This is because pine needles are full of Vitamin C – a vital nutrient our bodies need to heal and build muscle. Unfortunately, during the winter, natural exposure to Vitamin C is limited, so breaking down pine needles to use in a cup of tea is an excellent way to bolster your immune system (and repurpose your tree!)

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