Tree Farm Management & Consultancy

What do We offer?

Kavanagh Christmas Trees has been serving and progressively working in providing the ultimate quality Christmas trees to their customers. This family business was established in 1952 in the beautiful mountains of Wicklow with a small belief in growing the best species of Christmas trees. 

We at Kavanagh Christmas Trees aim to provide our customers with a comprehensive range and size of Christmas trees and decorative items. Tree Farm Management’s goal is to ensure that all the grown trees are provided with proper nutrition and environment to grow as much as they can.

Christmas tree growing consultancy is no less than a consultancy because here you are not just handed over a real Christmas tree but in addition, we provide a fully-fledged demonstration and guidance on growing techniques and nutrition advice.

We help our retailers to utilise the best of their time and sell the finest quality of trees for their buyers. This in turn not only helps us to bond but also helps our retailers to have better conversations with their customers.


Why Work With Us?

We are a well-established family business running all year and not only fulfilling several dreams but also creating bonds for a lifetime.

Suppliers of nursery tree plants and advice on the market. This in turn helps one to understand the market and how to grow the best trees possible. At Kavanagh Christmas Trees, we prize a strong work ethic and encourage learning and cooperation. A challenging but supportive climate will provide you the necessary conditions to grow your plantation.

Looking for plants?

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Check out our dedicated plant nursery website for all plant details – from bare root hedging to Christmas trees plants.